Welcome to our reception area, where you will be greeted with a warm smile.  We are equipped to answer many of your questions and are available to discuss veterinary products, assist you renewing prescriptions, as well as scheduling appointments.





examroom-2016Our examination rooms provide a clean, spacious and professional environment for your pets visit. We believe that better communication promotes results in improved patient care.


This private room provides a soothing ambiance that supports a peaceful passing during euthanasia.   We have designed this room to help make this process as stress free as possible for both the pet and the owner during this difficult time.  To help reduce anxiety, our patients are sedated prior to euthanasia, while owners may be present with their animal at this time; some prefer not to remain for the final step.   We offer private cremation with the ashes returned to you and have multiple urns  available.  We also offer communal cremation or preparation for burial on your own private property if you so wish.  In your time of bereavement we would like to be there for additional support.  Dr. Bane is our pet loss and bereavement counselor.  Dr. Bane has been awarded her Certificate of Training from the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement. We encourage owner to also visit the following website:   Dr. Bane recently underwent an intensive training session to achieve this recognition.  Dr. Bane is available to see appointments for pet grief support.  If you are interested, please contact our front office staff for appointment availability.




Our laboratory includes a full range of diagnostic equipment to process blood samples in-house and perform microscopic examinations of specimens.


Having a well stocked pharmacy allows us to provide you with your pet’s medication immediately. Our prescription system is fully computerized, to ensure that prescriptions are always accurately and efficiently filled. If your pet is difficult to medicate we have access to a special veterinary formulating pharmacy that can make medications in different forms and flavours! Even the most challenging pet can be medicated.



Our canine ward is equipped with a large glass window which keeps our canine patients in sight and provides interest for recovering animals.


Our feline ward is insulated for external sounds, which helps reduce their stress level while in hospital. Large, cozy, padded bedding are provided to all patients.




treatment-2016-2Our hospital is designed to have all our services rotate around a central Treatment Area.  From this location, we carry out such procedures as placing intravenous catheters, doing treatments, drawing blood samples and prepping for surgery. Most materials are within easy reach for minor procedures.


radiology-room-2016Our digital radiology unit allows us to take x-rays of your pet in just seconds, producing a high quality image on a computer screen. Digital x-rays can be easily e-mailed as well as sent for review by a radiologist should it be warranted. Throughout the hospital we have multiple viewing screens, these include the doctor’s individual work stations.


Ultrasound is extensively used in our hospital to help diagnose many pet ailments in a timely manner. We use this imaging technique in conjunction with radiographs and other diagnostic tests to ensure a proper diagnosis.


intensivecare-2016Our Intensive Care Unit is a separate ward where animals can recover from surgery, or be monitored when critically ill.   This ward is situated in a location so that our patients can be constantly monitored by our hospital staff.



During all surgery procedures, we use specialized equipment to monitor your pet’s pulse, electrocardiography (ECG), blood pressure, oxygen levels, and to deliver intravenous (IV) fluids.



Our dental suite contains a state of the art dental unit with controls designed specifically for veterinary dentistry. This allows transitioning from handpiece to handpiece efficiently and conviently – the unit automatically adjusts as the handpiece is lifted. This increases our work efficiency, and decreases the amount of time that our patients need to be under anesthesia.




During and post-anesthesia, pets are monitored closely. We have warming devices to prevent hypothermia and ensure your pet stays warm during and after a procedure.


This room is located near the treatment area and is where the staff can eat their lunch, take a break, read a magazine, use the computer or make a personal phone call. Although their break times are supposed to be for relaxing, the staff is never far from the animals and they are always ready to lend a helping hand should we need them.